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Get Your Fillings Checked Before They Come Loose

Fillings help protect damaged teeth and are one of the most common dental procedures. However, loose fillings may cause complications with your oral health. Dr. Dan Pence of Dental Care of Great Falls can help if you have a loose filling. General dentistry in Great Falls, MT, helps to provide the long-term protection you need to stay healthy and secure.

Reasons Why Fillings Come Loose

Dental fillings should provide long-lasting protection for your teeth. However, they are not permanent and may come loose unexpectedly. Many things can cause fillings to become loose and fall out, which can open your damaged tooth up to more concerns. Just a few reasons why your filling comes loose include:

  • New decay around the affected filling 
  • Excessively chewing your food or using too much force when chewing
  • Eating crunchy foods that may damage or loosen the filling
  • Trauma to the tooth or the surrounding area 
  • Grinding your teeth at night

General dentistry in Great Falls, MT, can help minimize your risk of this problem. 

Ways a Dentist Can Help

Regular visits to a general dentist help to minimize the risk of loose fillings. Visit your dentist at least once every six months so they can check your fillings to make sure they are still secure. During your regular checkups your dentist will also:

  • Keep your teeth clean to minimize the impact of bacteria and decay
  • Spot symptoms of loose fillings
  • Repair any damaged fillings and make them secure 
  • Utilize antibiotics to minimize infections and swelling
  • Remove a damaged filling and replace it with a new one

Reach Out to Us Today

Do you have a loose filling? Contact us at Dental Care of Great Falls where we provide general dentistry in Great Falls, MT, to will keep your fillings strong. Call Dr. Pence at (406) 727-9889 to schedule an appointment.

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